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Your Marketing Stinks


Your customers don't care about your marketing because your marketing doesn't care about your customers.

Your traditional marketing program is so busy focusing on telling the world how your products and services will solve their problems that you forgot to ask your customer what problems need solving.And, since your timing doesn't match your customers', if you do break through the noise, they resent you for interrupting.Your Marketing Stinks

Your marketing was in vogue when this ad was

Entire businesses have been built around the idea that your message is a nuisance. DVR's, spam blockers, caller ID, satellite radio, and podcasts all serve thier markets better than your traditional marketing does.

No one believes corporations anymore. We believe our friends. We believe strangers when they post on Amazon, Yelp, or a multitude of other sites. But we don't believe your company's message. We don't believe it because it is self-centered. It presumes to know what I want, but it never asked me.

Traditional marketing is push, push, push. Get your product out and tell the world how great it is. Wrap your message in features and benefits. Throw money behind targeting potential buyers and... it still doesn't work.

Consumers have become empowered by the ubiquity of information and the ease of its dissemination. To grow in today's environment, smarter businesses are letting their customers do their marketing for them. Mass communication is no longer controlled by the media and marketing models tied to traditional media are forever changed.

The goal of today's marketer is to get your customers talking about your products to your potential customers. Don't believe me? When was the last time you saw an ad for Facebook? Never, right? Yet Facebook has filed for an IPO valued at $100 billion dollars - because almost 1 billion people have brought friends aboard the service. But forget those numbers, the real value comes when Facebook's users talk about and interact with products and brands within the service!

Coke has always been one the leaders in advertising and traditional marketing. They have to be, after all, they sell a commoditized product made up primarily of sugar and carbonated water. Yet year after year, Coke outsells every other beverage brand in the world. And guess what? Coca Cola 2020 outlines Coke's plans to get away from traditional advertising and focus on content marketing!

Procter & Gamble just laid off 1600 advertising and traditional marketing staffers because, "advertising on Facebook is free." Now obviously they aren't talking about traditional advertising - you still need to pay Facebook if you want to buy ads. What they discovered is that they don't need to spend media dollars to get customers talking about their products online. What they need to do is give their customers a reason to talk about them!

And that is how you fix your marketing! Give your customers a reason to talk about you! Give them an exceptional experience, treat them like individuals, talk with them instead of at them. Educate them. But please, please stop telling them how great you are - they really don't care.


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