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Get Your Marketing Loved!


Marketing starts by solving a customers need or meeting a desire.

If that’s the case, then why does so much marketing annoy the customer it is targeting? Frankly, why does so much marketing suck?Get Your Marketing Loved

The Best Marketing Pulls in Happy Customers

Most marketing first cares about itself, it is built around brand building and selling products and services. And for that reason, short of the occasionally entertaining ad or commercial, most marketing does nothing to solve a customer’s needs.

Read your own brochures and ads. Does it spend most of the real estate talking about your products and services? Dollars to doughnuts, it does.

Smarter marketers have come to the realization that no one wants to buy a product or service.

People buy to fill a need or an aspiration. And if your marketing helps them understand how you can help them achieve that goal, your customers will love it!

So, how do you get customers to love your marketing?

1. Understand the problems your products and services solve.

Do you make the world’s greatest flashlight? Good for you. But why should anyone care? What is the problem that your great flashlight solves? Does being lighter make it ideal for backpackers? Does efficiency make it last longer between battery changes? What problem does your great flashlight solve that makes it a must-buy?

2. Help customers and prospects understand the problem and solution.

Your marketing needs to be relevant. It needs to add value. Which means it takes more than being clever or cute. It needs to approach your product or service from the perspective of your customer. And most importantly, your marketing needs to understand why your customer is looking for a solution in the first place! Don’t be the solution looking for a problem!

3. Be Find-able!

More and more the first place people search for a solution is online. When they search for the solution you offer, do they find you? You need to know the search terms your customers are using and be one the first sites that pops up when they’re searching. With research showing that up to 80% f a buying decision taking place before your sales team is engaged, you’re forever playing catch-up if you don’t fin a way to participate early in the cycle.

4. Engage!

The term, “engage” has almost become cliche, but if you aren’t around when the conversation is taking place, how are you ever going to be around to offer a solution? Don’t just shill for your company. Become an active participant in the community you serve. Online and in person. By being a valuable and credible resource, you’re voice will be much more highly respected when offering a solution. ON the other hand, if you only offer solutions without engaging, you risk being ignored for lack of credibility.

5. Be the Solution!

None of the above matters if your product or service is not the solution your customer wants. Use you marketing to help customers and prospects understand that you offer EXACTLY what they need. This means creating content describing your solution, proof of concept, and testimonial campaigns.

Be where your customers are and solve their needs and you are well down the road to having your marketing loved by prospects and customers!


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